Thursday, April 6, 2017

Newly updated tabs

Since returning to Vanuatu, I decided it was about time to update my blog color scheme and all my tabs.  Our newest video is now posted on 2 of the tabs, but you can view it here too, if you didn't see it on our church circuit on furlough.  Thanks to Houghton and Gretchen for producing this! 

I've also added information about BuildAid, who have been an integral part in our logistical support in Vanuatu.  Please check that tab out and prayerfully consider supporting their ministry as well.  They are under-supported and definitely a worthy ministry.
Ian and Jo Walter of BuildAid
I'm so enjoying being back.  Here's a few of the sights I've enjoyed over the last month of being back.  (A picture of me sitting and typing up and then editing our first draft Acts just isn't that interesting...)
I have also enjoyed hanging out with Abbie, who is finishing up a 2 year missions internship here.  We do a weekly Bible study together and go to some of the local exercise classes in the evenings.
Why exercise when you can eat dessert in the park?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Last few months in the US

My last few months in the US I got to celebrate Christmas with family, share with churches, speak at and recruit (for missions) at Frontier School of the Bible, and see friends one last time before heading out, back to Vanuatu for another term.
 Richards family
 Team Vanuatu!
Kaiden and I. Who doesn't love hanging out and eating ice cream together straight from the tub?! 
 Christmas Eve Thulesens and Richards
My handsome parents on Christmas.  I got snowed in at their house Christmas day so stayed over with them overnight. 
 I got to hang out with a few friends one last time in Boise, ID when Heritage Bible flew me out for their February missions conference.  Rachael, me, Suzanne, and Jonie.
 Cooking with Sophie and Zoe.
 Some last looks at the frozen river and snow by my apartment in Montana before heading off to the tropics.

Last church presentation at our main sending church, Grace Bible in Miles City, Montana.
Gwen taught herself to play the ukulele so the Richards sang together for church.  Gwen is on the ukulele, Si on the drum, Hought on guitar, and Gretch on a tenor ukulele.

I'm so grateful for the time I had in the US with family and friends, and to be able to share the ministry God has led the Richards and I to in Vanuatu.  God is doing great stuff, and we praise His name!