Sunday, September 27, 2009

Operation Christmas child

Operation Christmas child ( is a ministry of Samaritan's Purse which packs shoeboxes to send to kids all around the world. They include gifts that are fun for Christmas - something to play with, school supplies, something to wear, etc. - as well as packing the Gospel in the language of the area they are sent to. Our church pastor's wife is a mega-deals-shopper and gets stuff throughout the year to pack into boxes. We helped out on a Saturday and packed tons of the things! It was a fun day and we pray that the boxes have an eternal impact around the world!

Vanuatu Ventures Sept. 09 newsletter

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Vanuatu friends

Last week we had fantastic visitors - friends we met in Vanuatu! Pete and Liz were in town for work and stopped in to see us. We first met them when they were helping out SIL in Vanuatu but then they ditched us there to come back to Australia of all places. Crazy people! :) When we came over to AUS in December last year, they hung out with us a bit in Sydney when we had a layover before flying down to school in Melbourne. Hopefully we'll get to see each other again before we head back to Vanuatu!

girls and make-up

Grace on our team just turned 13 this year. She is growing up! When I was about her age, my mom went with me to a make-up party put on by a lady in our church. It was a great opportunity to kick-off wearing make-up and also learn some make-up application skills. To my mom's chagrine, I of course still dabbled quite a bit in thick black eyeliner and teal mascara for awhile, but I like to think I've come around a bit in my ability to use more flattering stuff. :) Anyway, Gretch and I suggested the idea to Tania, who found an Aussie Mary Kay consultant and we had a make-up party. It was a fun time. Here are some during and after pictures from our girl's night.
Tania giving Grace a hand.Gretchen shows us alternative places to put our make-up... :) Elyse and I pucker up. Tania shows off her best fish face.
And.... the after pictures. Gretch, Grace, Elyse, me, Tania.