Tuesday, February 20, 2018

More regular village life

Hallie also took some fun shots of her time NE of us, in the furthest village of our language group.  Ian, our Aussie Builder friend (see my BuildAid page/tab) has been working the last year or so in that area building a classroom, school office, and teacher house.
Old Megamone school

Walk to Wilit village (Ian's wife Jo)

Ships and boats can't go to the NE of Ambrym because it's too rough

Wilit village

Preparing to eat together.  When chickens, cats, dogs, and pigs run wild and you eat on the ground, you have to guard your food!

Island cabbage with coconut milk and roasted sweet potato cooked in a ground oven.

Two kinds of laplap, the national favorite food.

New classroom

Teachers house

There's some crazy creek crossings on that side of the island

New classroom

Wili Wolta the principal and his wife Marina with Hallie

Catholic church in our teammates' village

Local "bell"

Return back to our village

A few other pics from when we went to the Kindy to run the Literacy workshop.

Elevated house.  Good for breezes and hanging clothes to dry!
Practicing an action poem in the language.

The remaining pictures are back in and around our village.
Local slide

Creek walk

Where the creek runs into the ocean

Working with Alice

View from our house

The walkway from our house.  Clothesline, treehouse, our dog Pistol.

The calf Gwen looks after, treehouse, bush kitchen

Our dog Pistol and his sister and her puppy.

We don't often get given watermelon.  Yellow ones are just a bit more water tasting than red.

Addy's friend Lea with her little brother Defit.

Airport at W Ambrym

Baggage service.  :)
Oh boy, here below you get to see my "Vanuatu matching" as I jokingly call it with Gretchen.  I'm feeling pretty excited that she's decided to join me in "Vanuatu matching" sometimes more recently in the village now too.  The kids always "Vanuatu match" and think US matching rules are ridiculous.  Usually I'll muster some US level matching when going to Vila, which we were here, but apparently I didn't care much this day...
About to get on the plane

A view of our village and activities around us

It is really helpful when visitors take lots of pictures when they're here, because things look pretty normal to us anymore and we forget what might be interesting to people in the US or Oz.  Here's some of Hallie's of our village and others near us, a couple from Vila (on her way out to Ambrym), some school visits and workshops, and of activities here.
Sunset in Vila

Some of the crazy flowers you can get here

In Vila

The road next to the building I stay in when in Vila



Taking a truck in W Ambrym at the airport to get to our boat to head N

Beach 20 min walk from our house.  Lots of tourists come on sailboats.

Teaching Literacy activities for Kindy teachers

Practicing a song for Kindy kids

Writing out a poem for use in K-1st

Practicing a poem with actions

Working on making readers for K-1st

Hiking to Fanto village for the Kindy workshop

Malay apple tree flowering

The nicest Kindy in N Ambrym

Passing out certificates for teachers who completed the Numeracy/Literacy workshop

Practicing their literacy activities with kids and parents

Closest Elementary/Secondary school to us (30 minutes walk)

1st grade classroom

1st graders on their last few days of school in Nov

The kids are used to dirt floor, tippy chairs, and plastic desks!

Road up to the school and off to our village

Jowed and her granddaughter

Temporary coconut leaf mat

Around our village

The Kindy in our village

Around our village

View to the volleyball/soccer field

View from our house

Wili TangoĊ making wuwu (A yummy dish with breadfruit and coconut milk)

Addy hanging out in Wili and Ana's kitchen

Steaming hot rocks put in the squeezed coconut milk to curdle it

Walk up to the gardens

Addy and Gwen with their friends Sera and Lea

Hallie helping Momon at the garden

Water taro plants

Gwen and her friend Sera

There's a few ladies here who use their heads to carry things.
Addy even gets in on the lice picking action!

School fundraiser

Rice seems to always be the main fundraiser food.  Unfortunately, it isn't grown here.