BuildAid is an Australian based ministry that has been a vital part of supporting and sustaining us.  They are in need of faithful monthly sponsors and of course one-time gifts would be welcomed as well.  If you are interested in supporting their ministry that makes ours possible, please go to and get involved!  Because of their current lack of funds, Jo is unable to regularly go with Ian and they are apart for most of each year.  Help them be able to do this full time together!
Ian and Jo Walter, BuildAid Founders
They were involved in building our house and in also making the house for our teammates, the Ellis's livable as well. 
Jo filling cinder blocks on our house.
Ian laying block on our house
Ian renovating rafters at the Ellis' house
Ian putting in a new ceiling at the Ellis's
BuildAid has been involved in helping our overall group with building needs as well.  When we are in Port Vila to resupply, we stay in Wycliffe/SIL housing.  Ian recently put a new roof on one of the units available to us in Vila.
Wycliffe/SIL Pines building re-roofing Port Vila, Vanuatu
They have been a huge blessing to the North Ambrym community in renovating schools damaged by the cyclone and building new classrooms for those too far gone to renovate. 
New Classroom at Megamone School, N Ambrym
New roof put on at Olal School, N Ambrym
Prep work at Megamone, N Ambrym
 BuildAid has helped us and others in our area with a wide variety of building projects.
Wiring at our temp house in Ranvetlam, N Ambrym
Hooking up solar
Gutters for rain water supply
Setting up the Ellis's water tank Olal, N Ambrym
Excavation and landscaping Ranvetlam, N Ambrym
Ian's a master at finish work.  Tiling our house Ranvetlam, N Ambrym
Framing and woodwork
BuildAid has also done a lot of transport for people with medical needs
Making a temp shower house for us in Ranvetlam, N Ambrym
BuildAid is always looking for volunteers to come work on their teams.  Currently, Ian and teams are working on building teacher housing for the Megamone school in North Ambrym, Vanuatu (on the far edge of our language group).  He's also always involved in projects at our place and at the Ellis's.  If you want to come over for a few weeks at a time sometime this year, his schedule can be found here:  We'd love to have you come visit us in Ambrym on a work team with Ian and get involved in support to our language group! 
Jo loving on kids in our village (we're in the background) Ranvetlam, N Ambrym
Jo with Stefani and Addy Ranvetlam, N Ambrym
Ian with Addy and Gwen Ranvetlam, N Ambrym
Ian, Graham, and Scott in their Ranvetlam accommodations N Ambrym
Kids clearing the grounds at Megamone school, N Ambrym
BuildAid honored for the Megamone School completion, N Ambrym

BuildAid celebrating Thanksgiving with us Ranvetlam, N Ambrym
It takes a lot of cement to build a school!  Megamone, N Ambrym
Celebration ceremony Megamone School, N Ambrym

Ribbon-cutting for Megamone school, N Ambrym
We are so grateful for the services of BuildAid in our community and for us personally.  Please do prayerfully consider being a part of their "home team" so they can continue to serve as they do. You can find regular photos and updates on their Facebook page as well.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

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