Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Off to Ambrym!

I have pictures I'd like to post of us prepping to head to Ambrym, but ran out of time, so you'll have to check the last newsletter for that.  But tomorrow we head out to Ambrym island, Lord-willing, for our first longer stint out!  Please pray for us for good language learning brains :) and opportunities as well as safety and health.  We'll not have internet again until mid-August or so so check back then for village pictures and stories.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vanuatu wedding

This last month I had my first opportunity to go to a wedding here in Vanuatu. This was an especially fun invite because it was the wedding of my friend, Frida, who is one of the girls that came to the Bible study I led in 2010. I was unable to go to the more custom aspects of the celebration, but going to this church service with Gretchen was a joy. I managed to forget my camera but fortunately other friends of Frida did not neglect to bring theirs and I got their pictures off Facebook! Frida's attendants were her oldest and youngest sisters. The youngest, Verniece, also came to the study when she was in town (she was attending a high school in another village at the time). The wedding, to my surprise, was similar in nearly all aspects to most Western weddings I've been to other than being in Bislama language. Enjoy the pictures!
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Ambrym pre-trip

In May Houghton and Si went to Ambrym together to check in with village leaders in Ranvetlam (where we've now been invited to stay) to make sure they're ready for us to come crash their village :) and also to check out our temporary housing situation.  It was very helpful for them to have gone and come back with pictures for Gretchen and I to have a visual of what we'll be heading into and to know how and what to pack for our first long(er) stint out.
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