Tuesday, June 19, 2007

In Montana

I made it to Montana safe and sound by God's grace. The first few and last few hours of the 14 1/2 hour drive were the worst but I made it unscathed with car still attached to the U-Haul and without hitting any deer. The drive during the parts for which I was fully awake was beautiful up on I15 in Idaho and on I90 in Montana. Here are a few pictures of God's creation that I got to enjoy thanks to all the unusual rain Montana's been getting. I won't tell you who my friend was who took these pictures while I was very safely concentrating on the road... Thanks for your prayers while I was driving. I know many of you were praying and I needed it! Other than the fabulous scenic eye-candy, it was a tough and very long day.

Wow, was the blessing of friends in Idaho who helped pack and clean was ever more apparent upon arriving here. My mom and I unloaded the first half of my stuff on Sunday and I unloaded all the rest other than furniture and some of the heaviest boxes that Houghton (my brother-in-law) helped me with on Monday (today). It went a lot faster when 10 of you were hauling for me! Now my parents get to put up with boxes everywhere while I try to organize them into corners of their house to store long-term or until heading to Vanuatu. I have a bunch I need to re-pack too so I'm slowly working on that.
Today I also got to see my niece and nephew again. I don't have pictures yet but I'll post some of my lovely family. Gwen's the cutest little pudgy girl ever and Jesiah's turning into a little boy, not just a toddler anymore! They are sweet and fun.
It sounds like on Sunday the ministry of sharing about what God is doing in Vanuatu will officially start in Montana for me. Gretchen and Houghton have been invited to a church in Fallon, Montana and Lord-willing, I'll be joining them. Gretch asked me to play piano for them for some songs they'll be singing so since I haven't played in probably ten years, I'll be getting in some serious practice for that I hope! Otherwise, she may withdraw the involvement offer... :) I plan to post some of the tentative schedule from now to March here for everyone in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out Gretch and Houghton's blog and website. They have some awesome stuff you can't find on mine. The links for those are in the list on the right, but here are some quick links for you: http://www.richardsroad.com/ and http://www.richardsroad.blogspot.com/

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