Saturday, October 27, 2007

NEW stuff

Please check out a new feature on the right column of my blog - our presentation schedule (for the Richards and I). Hopefully it will help as you pray for us as we travel to know where we are going. Also, if we haven't been to your church or your state yet, it gives an idea of where we plan to be in the future, Lord-willing, so you can let us know to schedule a time with you. Finally, it helps show that we haven't been just twiddling our thumbs the last few months! :)

Under the schedule section is a pie chart showing where my current financial support level is. I'll try to update it every month when I get my financial statement from BMW. I'm not really sure how to measure prayer support or encouragement support... :) God has been faithful to give great prayer warriors along the way.

I added a map and counter at the bottom too. Up until now, unless you've left a comment or otherwise contacted me, I didn't know who was reading this blog. If I get my act together in the next few months, I'll start not only e-mailing you newsletter updates, but also links to check updates on the blog. So much data entry and so little time... :)

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