Saturday, March 1, 2008

Time with friends

Many of our evenings not spent presenting in home groups are spent reconnecting with friends here and meeting with new friends. I need to have a better memory about taking pictures every time, but here are some families and friends I've been able to spend some time with. Many of my friends have generously lent or given us baby supplies and clothing for Gretchen's 3rd, soon to be born! Houghton and Gretchen are making final preparations for the new little one so Lord-willing, they'll have everything they need. Due date is March 23 so we are counting down the days.
I was able to stay with a friend, Jen, for a week, which was really nice to have a quiet house to work in during the day and a great single friend to fellowship with in the evening. She's the one in the pic with the little puppy (Bing).

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