Sunday, September 21, 2008

Random pictures and stories

Here are some random things I haven't put in any other posts yet:

Video of Sevandah, Lin, and Jak messing around.

They were smashing nangae nuts. They come in a squishy skin kinda like the size of a lime in the States. You smash that all off (and if they are ripe, it sprays everywhere -I won't tell you what they call that...). Then there is a seed you have to whack. After that it is in a shell that you peel off. The inside nut is kinda flat and is white. I'm not a lover of nuts, but these actually are good!

One day it really decided to rain - the rainy season is coming in the next few months but it hasn't been doing a whole lot of this yet here.

I was supposed to be walking up near Houghton and Gretchen's to see Monique when it was pouring like this but I didn't have an umbrella. So, I waited awhile until it slowed down, borrowed an umbrella from Liz next door, changed from my longest skirt to a shorter one, then tromped through the mud up to her house (slowly - so as to get the least amount of splatter up my legs and clothes...)

Here's Gretchen, Monique, Addy, and I at a concert at the Gibbs' house put on by their children. Notice that Monique is wearing a coat while I'm looking sweaty in my tank top. It's "winter" here so she was cold. It was probably 70 that night so I'm betting after I've lived here awhile I'll be throwing on coats then too, but until then, it's weird. :)

Next random point: Why I can't be lazy in doing my dishes. I had even rinsed this plate but didn't want to run water and get soap for one plate. If you click on the picture, you should be able to enlarge and see all the ants going to town on my plate. They just live with me in the kitchen and I'm tired of trying to kill them...

And last but not least: My hands down favorite kid ever. The kids in Magreth's family are growing on me so I might not be able to say that much longer, but this is Atkin on the right (Jesiah left, Charlie middle). He is sweet, thoughtful, helpful, safety conscious, unselfish, and funny, not to mention very cute. Every time I've been down by the market at a park near there, he appears. He carries Jesiah and Gweny around, plays with them, keeps them from jumping off the dock into the ocean, helps them if they are stuck somewhere, and just generally keeps them entertained and happy. His parents cook at the market so I ate at their table one day. His dad used to be head chef at Club Vanuatu so he showed me some fancy things he can do like make cucumbers into butterflies. :) And the food at their table was amazing, by the way. It's 300vt, or about $3 to get a plateful of food (your pick of meat between beef, fish, or chicken wings, a bowlful of rice, and a pile of some kind of veggie). You are eating on dishes washed in cold rainwater and typically the meat has been sitting in their cupboard all day, but if you can get past that, it's really good. :) He actually went and bought fresh meat to make mine though so I was impressed at that. I'll definitely be going back to their table.

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