Monday, February 9, 2009

Bush fires

I've gotten some e-mails from some of you asking if all is ok in Australia. I don't have time to send an e-mail to all my groups, so hopefully people will check here. Two towns within 20 minutes or so of here were destroyed by bush fires over the weekend and we are in the area obviously for all of them, but wind changed in such a way that fire didn't come through Kangaroo Ground. Over 100 people have died in this area from the fires though, many of whom are known by staff here. Please pray for rain (this area is in a nearly 10 year drought), for fires to be put out, and for comfort for affected families. Thanks for your prayers.


Barbie said...

Thank you so much Laura for the update!! I've been searching the internet looking for information about your location. What a relief that you are well. I pray that you and the others at Kangaroo Grounds can minister to those in the surrounding areas that have suffered.

Praise God that you are alright!!

tAaOS said...

My wife and I lived in Kangaroo Ground in the mid-1980s (at Wycliffe) and are concerned to hear of the fires blazing in the surrounding areas. Finding your blog was a welcome and informative site... it has been the only source to let us know that things are still okay and unscathed in your area. Thanks for posting info in your blog.