Sunday, September 6, 2009

girls and make-up

Grace on our team just turned 13 this year. She is growing up! When I was about her age, my mom went with me to a make-up party put on by a lady in our church. It was a great opportunity to kick-off wearing make-up and also learn some make-up application skills. To my mom's chagrine, I of course still dabbled quite a bit in thick black eyeliner and teal mascara for awhile, but I like to think I've come around a bit in my ability to use more flattering stuff. :) Anyway, Gretch and I suggested the idea to Tania, who found an Aussie Mary Kay consultant and we had a make-up party. It was a fun time. Here are some during and after pictures from our girl's night.
Tania giving Grace a hand.Gretchen shows us alternative places to put our make-up... :) Elyse and I pucker up. Tania shows off her best fish face.
And.... the after pictures. Gretch, Grace, Elyse, me, Tania.

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