Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Blue Tongue Lizard Visitor

Blue tongue lizards have been found by the kids around campus but I still didn't expect this one to come waddling into my room from where it had been wandering the HALLWAY of our dorm.  I'm really not sure how on earth this big guy (he was at least 12 inches) got into our dorm in the first place.  It made me pretty nervous about snakes after that.  I don't mind non-poisonous snakes, but they have some nasties here and our dorm has more than its fair share of tasty mice running around for them to come eat.  Anyway, I chased him out of my room but rather than heading him off toward the outside door, he managed to get in another girl's room.  I figured my dorm-mate wouldn't appreciate me telling her a big lizard was hanging out somewhere in her room.  So, I rushed to an Aussie student's room to ask if these guys bite and she helped me herd him out of the room and back into the great outdoors.  Apparently they bite but aren't poisonous.  I considered picking him up but decided to use cricket wickets to move him instead and save my hands.  Here's how he looked where he was supposed to be... in our front yard.  Sorry, he didn't give me any tongue to show off to you.  :)

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