Thursday, January 7, 2010


Our Christmas this year was a special one even though we were away from all our family.  Our church does a Christmas morning breakfast so we started the day with that, then went to hang out with friends Lee & Janet, their daughters Aurore and Amelie, and Janet's dad.  Lee is quite a chef so we enjoyed tasty and perfectly arranged food at their house.  :)  Plus we had a lot of fun hanging out and talking.  That evening, we spent time with friends Phil & Lenna, their kids Andrew & Kristin and another family connected to the church.  After eating with them, Kristin engaged us in a rousing game of Bible Pictionary... using a knife and tub of butter for her creations.  Very unique game and very fun.  :)  We left their home late after singing Christmas carols together.  God has provided some very special friends for us here in Australia and I am thankful.

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