Saturday, May 15, 2010

Some regular stuff (part 1)


There are a number of things here that are pretty regular in my schedule.  I realized recently that I don't usually think to photograph the regular stuff.  So here's part 1 of some regular things that happen on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  I'll post a "part 2" when I get pictures of the other "regulars". 

Grace and I learned Bible storytelling methods in Australia and get together weekly to practice old stories, craft new ones, and prepare for sharing them with others.  We shared the resurrection story with her youth group on Easter weekend. 

We've just finished Luke 9:28-62 so plan to share that in a few weeks.  Starting next week we will begin learning the stories from this passage in Bislama to hopefully share with ni-Vanuatu friends in the coming days! 

For a couple months now, Jesiah and Gwen have rotated Saturdays coming to my house in the evening, staying the night, and going to church with me in the AM.  It's fun to hang out with them one-on-one and as I've told Gretchen, having them over gives me motivation to cook real food and clean my house!  Addy had her first sleep-over at my house this weekend. 

Every other Thursday morning Tania, Gretchen and I have team women's prayer time together.  It has consistently been a huge encouragement and a great time for us to catch up on how things are going in each other's lives, have accountability, and connect as women working toward the same goal! 
A not-so-regular thing is meeting up with expat friends.  I got to hook up with my friend Anna last week and see how big her baby Simon has grown.  He was born in Vanuatu very very premature so was life-flighted to Australia but as you can see is doing well now!  She and I used to get together for Bible studies, Scripture memory, and prayer when I was here in 2008.  We also went to an exercise class together.  But she's on an island up north now so I see her just every few months. 

Even in the regular stuff in my life and yours, may we be working for the Lord and not for men, and glorifying Him in the day-to-day!


Barbie said...

It is really fun to see the 'regular' stuff!! Thanks so much for sharing. I think its really sweet that you have your nephew and nieces spend the night too! :)

Anonymous said...

So good to see that Anna is doing well and that simon has grown so much!!

puolo said...

A real treat to see your life in Vanuatu. May you know the Lord's grace and presence each day. He is with you.
Janine Sonoda