Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A few preliminary pics

I have loads of pictures to get from Gretchen and my mom to have a real post about our time in Minnesota and S Dakota, but here's a few fun preliminary shots in the meantime!  The first few are our 1st 2 stops in MN seeing our supporting churches and friends there.  Sorry, I left all the family photo shots to my mom and Houghton so have to get those on here later!  After that it's family vacation in S Dakota which was super fun!

 Hanging out at the lake at the Steinbrenners. What cool friends they are!

Already missing you, Faltynskis! 
 Family vacation shots in S Dakota. 


This contraption with the slide rocked! My mom had a bit too much fun on it and hurt herself but when we were chiding her for going too fast her response was: "it was totally worth it!" Wow, now that's dedication. :)

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