Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Seeing friends in Oz

In addition to some great church and small group connections where we were able to share what God is doing in Vanuatu, we had a lot of excellent opportunities to hang out with some good friends as well.
 Houghton with Mike, Aaron, and Lee.
 With our friends the Bells, who minister to Turkish people in Australia.
 With Kristen
 Mmmm, our friends Lorette and Allan invited us over and treated us to Lebanese food.  We used to get it a lot at our church when we were living in Melbourne and going to Bible translation school but we'd missed it these last few years!
 Jesiah and Jacob.
 Gretchen, Stephanie, Lorette, me and Lorette's mom, who cooked all the great food for us!
 Houghton and Allan.
 Alana, Gweny, Stephanie, and Addy.
 Houghton preaching at Grace Baptist in their new building! 
Grace hosted a potluck after the service we presented in so we got to catch up with a lot of old friends.

We also got to spend some good time with many other good friends but unfortunately don't have great pictures from those times.  I praise God for these brothers and sisters in Christ in Australia and for their friendship and fellowship.

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