Friday, May 31, 2013

Shouting out to all the overseas workers!

When we returned to Ambrym in February, the footings were in the on the house and it was ready for the slab to be poured.  Our awesome slabbers were Corney and Esther of Canada, Bill and Marcus of the US (but who live and work full time in Vanuatu on the island of Santo), and Tony of Vanuatu.  We had great village help and in 2 weeks they got the slab ready, poured, and walls started.

 Stacking the bags and bags of cement on a dry place.
Prepping for the slab. (Marcus to the rear, Corney in front.)
Lots of re-bar helps keep the house cyclone-proof.
Bill and Tony.

 Arnold and Corney.  Arnold is a local block-layer that has been volunteering his time!
The completed slab.
 Esther was invaluable around our temp house - cooking, washing, moving laundry to help it dry (a nearly full-time task in the wet season), and doing some awesome deep cleans.
 Gwen and Addy sweeping out the house.

When this crew headed out, we were three/four blocks high (of 11) with re-bar and electrical, as well as plumbing holes ready to go.  A lot of work for just two weeks!
 Farewell dinner with the village for the crew (and a thank you dinner for the local block-layer guys).
Our next crew brought back Ian from Australia, but this time with his wife, Joanna, and two others from their church - Jason and Hannah.  Jason was only able to stay for 2 weeks, but the others stayed nearly 4.
 Ian, Jason, Hannah, and Joanna heading up to the volcano.
 Jason helping to hook up our new solar bulbs in our temp house!  It's amazing how much light we have in the kitchen now in the evenings!
 Ian installing solar in the house.
 Jason, Ian and Joanna.  The daily grind of mixing concrete, laying blocks, and pouring cement in each block's hole.  Exhausting and dirty work!
 Isaiah helping fill in holes with Hannah (Ian and Joanna working in the background).

 Two local block-layers came often to lend their expertise, as well as a lot of the village guys.  Local involvement waned a bit toward the end of our last time out, but we hope to pull everyone back in for June and July.
Hannah, the master cutter (painting our temp house).
 Enjoying being sung to in our own yard!
 Lookin' fancy in island dresses.
 Gwen and Ian
Hannah is trained as a teacher so she helped out by homeschooling Jesiah.
 Joanna helped with cooking and washing, but mainly helped out at the work site.
 Chatting with villagers.
Heading out.

Our next crew comes June 11, Lord-willing, and stays with us a few weeks to hopefully pour the bond beam, put up the rafters, and put on the tin roof.  Bill will be returning at that time with his son, Marcus, and teammate, Tony, as well as another friend.  Scott (who was here to do the footings the end of last year) is coming back again as well as his wife, Jenette.  Brad from the same church, and his son Brandon are coming with them.

In July, Ian returns with a few guys again to do plumbing, solar, and start some of the finish work.

Bill will also be building cabinets and shelving for us from his workshop on Santo island and will send them out on a cargo ship to us.

We are thanking God for all these great volunteers who have made it possible for this house to be built.  Without their time and financial sacrifice, this work would not be going ahead. 

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