Sunday, January 14, 2007

Things to do...

I've told you a bit about God's leading for me and the team to minister with, but I'm sure you're wondering what exactly I'd be doing. Well, of course working with God as your boss requires quite a bit of flexibility, but there is an idea of what He seems to be calling me to do there. The overall goal for our team in Vanuatu is church-planting, meaning evangelism (telling people the gospel, or good news about Jesus Christ dying for our sins Romans 5:8, raising from the dead 1 Corinthians 15:3-4, and allowing spiritual birth John 3:3-6 and escape from hell and gift of eternal life Romans 6:23 for all who believe in Him Romans 1:16), discipleship (coming alongside believers to show and teach them about growth to be more like Christ Matthew 28:19-20), and leadership training (teaching about leadership in the church and planting, or starting a church with these native leaders 1 Timothy 3). You can check out all these verse references at if you are interested or e-mail me and we can chat more about them. Anyway, I would be doing these church-planting activities with women and children, Lord willing in the town of Luganville of about 9,000 people on the island of Santo

My role for our team (see last post for pictures and names) is as the logistics lady. I am in charge of paperwork, research, communications with my team members out in the bush villages (the Richards and Jones), collecting supplies, and any organizing or planning I can do. Who knows what that will all look like in the field, but that is the idea so far! I'm starting to fill that role to some degree now. Right now in my job as a school counselor I often comment to friends that I should have been a secretary rather than a counselor because paperwork is my favorite part of my job (when I have the time to do it)! It is awesome how God allowed something that gives me joy and "floats my boat" to be a role I can fill for our team!

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