Saturday, July 12, 2008

July 4

Grandpa and grandma Thulesen hosted us at their home in Newell, South Dakota. My uncle and aunt John and Karen, who live nearby were able to get away from haying for a few hours on the 4th so we saw them, as well as my uncle and aunt Mike and Libby and cousin Ariel. Mike, Libby, and Ariel drove from Sheridan, Wyoming to visit. The town had a little fireworks show and just enough breeze to blow off the mosquitoes. You have to be grateful for the small stuff! :) We got to see the Plymouth Coupe car my grandpa refurbished but with all my encouraging and prodding, he still wouldn't take us for a spin - awww! :) No rest for the weary though - we headed out the next day so we could go to Plevna, Montana for a presentation on Sunday. It was a super friendly church and should be our last deputation presentation for..ever, I think, how awesome is that! We have a few other churches we'll be at the 3 Sundays to go before we head to Vanuatu but they are just visits, not presentations so we can relax a bit more. God has been faithful in providing for and preparing us!

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