Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Some awesome blessings

This is a great outlet for public praise to the Lord for His grace! I am blessed this week in a few areas:
1. A new home for my cats. A friend from Nebraska at a church we shared at last Fall volunteered to take my cats and either keep them herself or find good new homes for them on my behalf. What a huge relief to be able to stop trying so hard here in town to find someone to take them. I'll meet her on Thursday, Lord-willing, to hand them off.
2. New legislation in Idaho making it a snap to handle my counseling licensure and certification. It's difficult to make decisions about whether or not to keep current on such things. I don't know what the Lord may have in the future in Vanuatu or otherwise. Up until just a few months ago, were I to not keep up all my continuing education and credits each year (a near impossibility to do overseas), I would have lost all my credentials. Reinstating them meant essentially re-taking my entire master's degree over again (or proving that while my license was lapsed I had kept up the required continuing education). That's a decision worth thousands and thousands of dollars, not to mention the wasted time. So, I was looking into how I could possibly keep up on all the requirements. However, a recent law was passed allowing an "inactive status." The only requirement for that is that if I want to become active again, I show proof of 20 hours of education in that 12 month period (but don't have to worry about years previous to that). This will save me a ton of money in credits, correspondence courses, and allow me to focus on where the Lord is leading - tribal church planting. Boy, what a huge blessing and load-off! Thanks, Lord, for the unexpected and timely blessing!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,

How are you? This is Nadine, I am so happy you found a place for your cats. We prayed for you all last night, can't believe it is almost time for you to leave. God bless you, He is faithful and able to provide all your needs and make your paths clear...as you already know! God bless you. Nadine