Friday, August 1, 2008

My new hero

I'm super grateful to Marguerite from Bridgeport Community Church in Nebraska. She told me a few months ago that if no one else was able to take my cats, she was willing to take them for me. I was unable to find a new home nearby so I took her up on her offer. Not only was she adding 2 more cats to her existing 3, she thought of everything I would have hoped for. She drove and met me halfway at Rapid City, South Dakota. She found a shady place and bought me a sandwich for lunch. She is willing to keep me updated on how they are doing so it will be fun to be able to still hear about them.

Another friend from Bridgeport, Debbie, organized a Cabelas wish list for us through the church. She is an employee at the national headquarters in Nebraska so was able to get some discounts. The Richards and I got her a needs list from each of us for Cabelas items and she shared the need with the church and purchased items with raised money. When Marguerite met me in South Dakota, she brought all the items the church had been able to purchase for us so far. Quite a deal for me trading cats for items needed in Vanuatu! So many people out there with big hearts, thank you!

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