Friday, August 8, 2008

In Vanuatu!

We made it to Vanuatu! I can't type much cuz I'm paying per minute, but hopefully next month I'll be able to put more on. Thanks so much for your prayers and be patient if you are trying to e-mail me. It may be a bit before I am able to read them. Left is the view from the temporary place the Richards and I are at for this month. To the right is the water heater in the bathroom. It's a funny mix of technology here. We have cell phones that have service anywhere on the islands but the water heaters are pretty ghetto. :) You have to watch to not be too close when it starts up so as to not light your hair on fire... Gotta go but we are busy learning how to get around and learning Bislama, which is fun but humbing.


Cyrus said...

Laura, The photo of your view is amazing! I pray you are all doing well. I'm so excited for you guys! It's so neat to see how much God has done since you first asked for prayer about possibly being a missionary! WOW! Glory to God!

Love you -- please tell Gretchen and Houghton hi for us too!

Jonie :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura!
So glad to hear from you. :)
The view is beautiful! Tell everyone HI and I'm anxious to hear more when you can.

May the Lord bless you and protect you all!
Pam Polesky