Monday, March 1, 2010

Girls purity conference

Last Sunday I got to see my friends Madeln and Bali again. (See this post for picture and story Madeln-Bali post). We didn't get to chat long though, so I hope to see them again and get their phone number this coming Sunday! I also met a new friend, Elder Ann, who is the head of womens' ministries for her denomination throughout Vanuatu.  She lives on the way from my house to Gretchen's so I saw her again later in the week and she invited me to come with her to a girls' purity conference she was speaking at over the weekend.  Saturday night I attended with her and enjoyed meeting and fellowshipping with ni-Vanuatu women who had come to share with the girls.  It was a great opportunity to be among Bislama speakers.  I met one ni-Vanuatu woman who is single and older than me...that's a first for me for here!  So we had some good discussions about singleness and serving God.  I believe her name is Lelinau and I hope to run into her again at some point.  She went to Talua College (Presby Bible school on Santo island up north) with Sophia, my friend who went to Equip Summer School with us in Australia last year and whose husband invited us to translate the Bible in his language in N Ambrym. Here's a picture of the girls having an opportunity to "wake up" again by singing Father Abraham with actions.  :)  Pray that these girls will apply what they've learned from this purity conference as the temptations are great in Vanuatu as anywhere. 

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Lyndsay said...

So good to see pictures of you. I think of you often and hope you are living up life. You are so amazing doing our Lords work. May God bless you in your work.
Love, Lyndsay Nishioka