Friday, June 25, 2010

Learning how to live in a village

Jim and Houghton have had a few tries at learning how to live in a village.  Gretch and I were in a village overnight on Santo island back on our first survey trip in 2007, and Tania and I spent a few nights up on northern Efate (the island where Port Vila is, where we live now) in a village, but really us girls have had very little opportunity to learn about village living.  The women of Rambwe taught us how to cook creek-grown cabbage, (reminded us how to cook) laplap and scratch coconuts, wash clothes on a board, and luckily we were smart enough to figure out on our own how to use a squat toilet, do bucket showers, and rig up mosquito nets.  We also got good at pumping purified water, doing the buddy system for night toilet runs, standing around in the dark together for brushing our teeth, swatting each others' mosquitoes, and waving moths off the lantern and each others' food at night and flies off each others' food in the day.  Unfortunately we didn't get experience cooking over a fire - that'll have to be next trip.

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