Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kenners made it back!

Our teammates, the Kenners, made it safely back to Washington state to stay with family as of today, praise God!  If you read an earlier post, you know it wasn't without a few an earthquake canceling their flight.  :)  But they flew yesterday AM to Fiji and caught a night flight out to the States.  Thanks for praying for them!  They'll be chilling for a while with family, then start heading around to churches to complete their sending support team (financial/prayer/encouragement support).  If you'd like them to share in your church or with a group at your home, please e-mail me at and I'll get you in touch with them. 

Tania has also recently made a great new post on life in Ambrym, so check that out at:  Life in Ambrym pt. 2 - Tania's

We continue to have smaller earthquakes and tremors - actually just had 2 more just now.  We're all ok though, no real damage done in any of these, praise God!

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Robert said...

Laura, I haven't been following your Blog. but I intend to be more diligent about praying for you.
Thanks for your commitment!
Bob Sieker @thepursuit boise