Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ni-Van family times

My parents got to experience going to see my friend Magreth when they were visiting.  Here are pictures from that time.  Also, Houghton helped me last month with some issues with Jaen's arms and legs and recurring sores she has so the last pics are from that. 
 The homes on the way.
 Heading down the road.
 Another house
 Papa, mom, Magreth, Mama Rupi, Jaen's daughter Morina, dad
 Being given an island dress. 
 And hugs.  Mama Rupi is good at those.  :)
 With Jaen and her 2nd youngest, Kalo.
 Meet the parents.
 Showing postcards of Montana.

Enjoying one of Rupi's great hugs.
 One of the cooking houses at Magreth's.
 The gate at the boundary of Magreth's family's ground.
 Neighbor's house.
Homes of others living nearby.

Below are pics of Jaen's legs (a bit graphic so if you're squeamish, don't look).  She's had a swollen right leg for a few months now.  :(  If you know anyone with an extra diabetes tester and test strips that wants to send it this way, let me know!  In the meantime, praying she'll be willing to go back to the hospital or if it be God's will, that He'd heal her!

 The black spots are old scars from old sores.  She's had these just on her arms and legs, for years, recurring in the dry season.
 Below is Houghton putting iodine on her sores after she's soaked them.  Prin is the teen on the left - Magreth's firstborn of her 3. 

We convinced Jaen come with us to the local hospital to get some blood tests to rule out diabetes or some other cause of these, but our first try was unsuccessful due to the hospital (socialized medicine here and VERY lacking) and the doctor being unwilling to take her blood at this time and the doctor's disinterest in her situation.  She was not interested in going back and wasting another full morning trying again (understandably) and has since gone to local workers of leaf medicine which did give her some reported relief for a few weeks but the sores and swelling are back and not going away.  :(  Please pray with me for her.

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