Monday, February 6, 2012

Loading the container

Monday, January 16 we loaded our container that is heading to Vanuatu.  It then made its way to Vancouver to be cleared through customs, and then ship out over the Pacific.  It was scheduled to leave January 25 but the carrier was delayed so as far as we know, it headed out Friday, Feb 3.  We're happy with it arriving later than scheduled (March 23) in Vanuatu so we have more time to prepare for its coming!  I want to thank all of you who gave toward my Outgoing account over the last few years to make it possible to pay for this shipping and all the items inside and a HUGE thank you too to all of you who helped with loading it.  The truck driver heard what we were loading and imagined it would take us all day, even though he mistakenly thought we'd done this many times before!  By God's grace the container was loaded and ready to head out to Washington in only 5 hours 5 minutes.  It was a COLD cold day so I am especially thankful that all our loaders from Grace Bible stuck it out and were such a huge help to us. We thank God for you!!!
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