Monday, February 6, 2012

Christmas, Si's birthday, and a partridge in a pear tree

Jesiah celebrated his 7th birthday in December!

We had his celebration at my parents' house and also had Christmas Eve with them.  Hought and Gretch and kids were in Terry for Christmas so just my parents and I hung out Christmas day.  It's been great celebrating holidays with family and enjoying quality time together.


 Addy got sea monkeys so my parents will babysit them and report on their progress while we're away.  :)
Here's some more pics to add to posts from before (kids programs and canning).
And then there's some other random events.
Dad putting my nightstand together.
 Me typing Sunday School and Lay Bible Institute notes for my mom when she had carpel tunnel surgery.  Please pray for her hand to heal fully, by the way, she's having some problems with it still.
 Gretch and I were able to sing together at church one Sunday, which was a lot of fun.
 Dad drew up plans for our duplex in Vanuatu so that we were able to purchase the appropriate building supplies to put in our container.
 Houghton doing surgery on my ganglion cyst.  :)
which of course draws a crowd
Jesiah at play...his last few weeks at public school for several years!

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