Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We fly, we boat, we climb.

Getting to Ambrym means WE FLY (from Vila, the capital city, to west Ambrym island - it's just under an hour flight):
I just LOVE it when there's time to read the paper during the flight...  :)
After flying, we walk or ride to the beach at Craig Cove (western Ambrym) and then get on our 'speed boat'.  The next leg is where WE BOAT (from west to North Ambrym - this is anywhere from 2 1/2 to 5 hours depending on seas):
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And finally WE CLIMB (from the 'wharf' here in to the village, about 15 minutes is all):

 These pictures are actually of a friend leaving so imagine this next one of us climbing rather than descending... 
And this next one we walk down the road away from the copra roasting house to get to the village.
And finally we climb up this last hill to get into the village of Ranvetlam, North Ambrym, our NEW HOME!!
 We were incredibly thankful to our friends Tamar and Momon for helping us carry our arrival luggage in to Ranvetlam!
 So in these three easy steps you too could be with us in Ambrym!  :)  Come see us anytime!

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