Friday, December 14, 2012

Visitors are the BEST! (Part 1)

When we returned to Ambrym island in September, our friends the Ellis' from the States came out with us.  What an encouragement to be able to share what our lives are like out here with friends from our own culture! 
 Casey, Val, and baby Beckett with us just outside our village on Ambrym island.
 It was truly a blessing to have them for just under 2 weeks and experience life with us.  Please pray with them as they consider God's leading in their lives and whether He would have them make big changes like letting go of home and ministering overseas!

When they first got here, we had a few days in Vila finishing our village prep, then headed out to Ambrym together.  In Vila, they stayed in the duplex unit next to where Hought and Gretch stay when we're in town.
 Going out on the town together.
  A first taste of island food with neighbors in town.
 Sitting around having a chat about what's coming up in Ambrym.

 Vila domestic airport.  We're off to Ambrym!

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