Saturday, December 15, 2012

Visitors are the BEST! (Part 2)

Our flight into the western side of Ambrym island (Craig Cove).
The boat ride.  
This was quite the experience.  Once we stopped partway to pick up some spearfishers and pig hunters, there were 27 people, 3 dead pigs, multiple dogs, and loads and loads of cargo on this little boat.  The water level was literally inches from the lip of the boat. Poor little baby Becket didn't have a very fun time on the 4 hour ride with nowhere to go!  The ride can be as short as 1 1/2 hours but with this many people it took FOREVER.  We end up paying the full price of the trip regardless of how many are riding with us.  So, Houghton has since told all the boat drivers that as long as we're arranging for the boats and paying, there will never be this many on a boat again.  They got it.  We're learning...

 Don't let the guy wearing a coat up above confuse you.  It was hot hot hot.  Not sure why he wore his coat anyways!  :)  You'll see our fantastic sunburns from the ride in upcoming pictures!
 All the youth sitting on the shelter of the boat up in the front.
 Dogs are back with all the guys in the back of the boat.  Not sure why they don't show up in the picture - there were at least 3 of them!
Fortunately although all the rest of us made out with sunburns, Becket was spared!
Our arrival just outside our village in North Ambrym.
 Here's our nice sunburns.  Val taking a picture of Gretch and I back by our bush toilet.  :)
 Our welcoming crew in the village of Ranvetlam where we live.

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