Friday, June 7, 2013

Around the village...

Here's a tour around some of the buildings in our village of Ranvetlam!

 There's a few painted houses around.

A washing table that doubles as a space for squash to grow!
 We have some awesome tarps from some friends with a billboard business and they make for great  slip-n-slides!

Stephanie, Gwen, Evelyn and Patches
 Laundry day.

 Quite a few people are building new sleeping houses for a nation-wide conference our village and others near us are hosting the end of August.  Here's an elevated one.

 The flat bamboo on the ground is a wall panel for a new sleeping house.  The bamboo lasts for many many years and is very strong.
 Painted and elevated.
 In between a sleeping cooking house.  Everyone has a sleeping house, cooking house, shower house, toilet house, and sometimes eating house, although the cooking house is usually the eating house as well.
 One of the guesthouses our work teams have stayed in.
The other guesthouse.
And some of our poor guests have had to stay in the medical dispensary, which has just a BIT of a termite problem!
 Addy in front of our next door neighbors.


Elsie, Sylvie, Stephanie, Sarah, and baby Stephanie

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