Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Vanuatu has over 100 languages, the most per capita of any country.  Only a very few have scripture in their language yet, so we feel an urgency to see God raise up more people to be involved in getting God's word out to our neighbors around us.
Languages of Vanuatu map
Houghton went last December to Australia to recruit young Australians at a mission conference.
Jesiah went to Oz too, and he and Hought got to connect with good friends as well.
The Wycliffe booth at the missions conference in Oz.  Wen Lee in the middle is an awesome recruiter and works with Wycliffe Oz.
 This last month, we hosted Nathan, a videographer from the US, who gave a whole week of his time to come film a recruitment video for translation in Vanuatu.
Nathan (sitting) came out with Ross (our old boss) for several days.
Video in progress
The same time he came out, two girls from Moody Bible Institute came to check out what Bible translation in Vanuatu looks like.

Celebrating 4th of July with Anna-Marie and Hannah
Visiting the Kindy (preschool, Kindergarten) with the girls.  I go most Fridays to hang out with the kids and learn language. 
Working with Mari
It wasn't all work!

Hannah and Anna-Marie heading out to another island

Please pray for these opportunities and future ones, that God would bring more workers to minister with us for the salvation of ni-Vanuatu and for His glory!  Oh, and by the way, if you're reading this, seriously pray and consider coming out or working with us or partnering with us to see God's word get to the people of Vanuatu.  And tell your friends about Vanuatu!!

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