Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Translation Team

With our new office complete, we have been able to start hosting meetings with all our committed language helpers; soon to be translators, Lord-willing! 
Our newly completed translation office
 We are working on our last checks on the Children's Bible, translating key terms for the Bible (like God, Jesus, shepherds, peace, soldier, etc), and formalizing things like word breaks and spelling. 
Our main helpers:  Lala, Alice, Philip, George, El Harre
We hope to print out the Children's Bible when we're in Vila in a few months, and then distribute it as a literacy tool and for people to try out the alphabet we've proposed.
For you in the US, please pray for us on your Wednesdays as we meet as a full team on Thursdays our time.  For you in Australia, please pray for us on Thursdays.  We still meet individually with our helpers the other days of the week.  We hope to soon start teaching this group some translation principals and a Bible overview course as we finish up with the Children's Bible and begin verse-by-verse translation of the Bible, Lord-willing!

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