Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Seeing friends

I've been especially terrible this year at getting pictures when I'm with people, but here are a few from the last few months.
 Trena and I (MT)
Megan, me, and Gretch (ID)
 Lindsey has been teaching in China for the last year but came back for a visit for a few weeks so we got to see her!  The Sewell family also came down for a visit from where they serve in a First Nations tribe in Canada.  (Hought, Gretch, Lindsey, Joel)
 Sewell and Richards kids jumping.
 Teal, Jonathan, Lindsey, Ty, Josh
 Lisa and Josh and family were in the area visiting family so they came to visit as well!
 Houghton, Joel, Jonathan
 Lindsey, Ty, Amanda, Teal
Lindsey, Ty, Josh, Joel, Jonathan
With our new friend Cylee from camp in SD

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