Wednesday, August 3, 2016

VBS and Camp

 Fallon Evangelical Church just east of my hometown by about an hour asked us to come be the missionary speakers at their VBS.  All but 2 of the kids in attendance were new to the church, which they were quite excited about.  Please pray for the kids and those families that they might be encouraged to be a part of a Christian fellowship.
 The Richards' kids taught the VBS kids how to play bla o'l, a game played in our village in Vanuatu. 

My Aunt Karen and Uncle John's church in rural SD sponsors a youth camp each summer.  They have a week each for late elementary age, junior high age, and high school age.  It's a pretty rugged camp, with kids sleeping in tents, using outhouses, and no electronics.  Just what kids need!  :)
 Hiking group.
Homemade waterslide.
We were asked to come help out in the younger age group with Houghton as the camp director and me doing missions talks/activities each day.  Our friend, Bryan Faltynski led music and helped with activities for the week.
Kids doing a missions activity where they pray for missionaries around the world.
 Over 50 kids came to the camp for our week, including Bryan's boys and the Richards' 3 older kids.  It was a great opportunity for kids to learn more about the Bible, about missions, and to fellowship with other kids their age.
 Waterslide in the distance
 Spiderweb activity.  (Trying to get the whole team across to the other side of the web with each going through a different hole and not touching the web itself.)
 Closing service with parents.
In our Cedar Canyon Bible Camp shirts with our fabulous cook, Cylee.

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