Saturday, March 31, 2007

Last Days on Santo

I get another chance today to put another post in before leaving for Vila. Thanks again for praying. Today we brought the Richards into town to Luganville for some air conditioned rest and respite for Gwenyth. She's been covered in heat rash since we've been here and the last few nights is somehow getting covered in some kind of bite. We aren't sure if it is mosquito or ant but she's been pretty miserable. They decided not to risk infection of them and just came into town for tonight and tomorrow night. (Here is my infected mosquito bite so you can see what they can do. The blue dots are where it swelled out to, which is called cellulitus.) One of the staff guys here found out this AM that he has malaria so we are being very careful with mosquitoes, especially for the kids.

The rest of us are just doing our own thing for today. We had a big meeting this AM with some missionaries here that was very pivotal for our being able to get in country. This is us just before the meeting (minus me, the picture taker). Praise God, it went very well so we are just recuperating from that. When we go back to Port Vila (on Efate island) on Monday we'll be preparing our documents for obtaining visas.

Below are some pictures of some of the things we've been doing here:
1. The market (where you can buy amazing fresh fruit and vegetables very cheaply).
2. One of part of the bush village Ipayato that we visited. (it's Jesiah, me, and Gretchen here)
3. Housing for many people here.

It has been a pretty amazing experience. I'll be getting pictures from all my teammates so I can show you some of what we did and more of the bush village experience. I need to get off of here though so I don't rack up too much of a bill for my time. Maybe I'll be able to get on again in Vila on Monday. Please pray for continued health and safety for all of us. Praise God with us that we seem to be able to move forward with coming into the country now!
Blessings to you!

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