Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A short one from Santo

Hello everyone! I hope you'll forgive me and check my blog rather than e-mail. I have access at the moment but it is 25 cents a minute and I have very limited time. Things are going very well especially due to your prayers, thank you! There have been plenty of opportunities for very scary things to happen but the Lord has protected us. I'm sorry I can't load pictures here, I have so many amazing ones! Some of the highlights your prayers have helped with:
1. the kids are doing very well (they hate the heat and are often crabby, but are not sick)
2. I have 3 sores on my legs and feet that are infected and yesterday I had a fever from it and my leg was swelling really huge. Today it is much better but this is the sort of thing the nurse said people in the bush die from in just a few days because they don't take care of it. I still need to heal up but I am on the mend.
3. This AM at 5 a cyclone was projected to hit (the first in 7 years I guess). We had lots of trees knocked down and lots of wind and rain, but it passed by us, praise the Lord!
4. On the way back from a bush village a few days ago, 2 of the guys (Brad and Steve) were knocked out of the truck (the roads are pretty much potholes with a very few areas of flat). They got scratched up and bruised, but are ok.
5. The guys are all on Malakula island right now (south of where we are on Santo island). We are praying they were ok with the cyclone but they are to fly back tomorrow so we'll see then.
6. The food is amazing!
7. The people are awesome and very friendly! We have seen a bush village and survived the amazing culture shock of that - wow. Camping seems so immaculately clean compared to that experience.
8. I love Vanuatu! We have a lot we are going to do still but I am soaking this up. You'll all have to come experience it by visiting me in Vanuatu in the future when I can speak Bislama. It is very frustrating not knowing the language. I've had some chances to practice my pathetic French though, so that's been fun.

Ok, I have to run. If I am able, I'll try to post pictures later this week before we head back to Port Vila. God bless and thanks again for your prayers.

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