Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The trip begins in LA!

The survey trip has officially begun! My family got to my house Friday night and we hung out and ran errands that day and the next before flying out Sunday for LA. Gretchen's high school friend JJ and her husband, Chris, graciously hosted us at their apartment and a guest apartment on the Fuller Theological Seminary campus (where Chris is going to school). To the left here is my nephew, Jesiah, contemplating life at a fountain on campus. We have mostly just been hanging out here but we did get some hook-ups at the last minute (like finding out this morning that we need sheets in Vanuatu at the camp we are staying at in Luganville up on the island of Sant0). It has been relaxing to be here, but is somewhat frustrating to be all ready to go but just have to wait. We leave for the airport in a few hours though to begin the real journey!

One really awesome thing for me just today was that I got to visit for several hours with my friend Stephanie, who was my roommate at Bible school up in central Montana (the link to this school is off to the right). I haven't seen her since graduation there in 1998 so it has been a long time! Here is a picture of us: She lives south of here about an hour and a half so she made the trek up to see me and showed me her wedding pictures from her wedding just this last year.

Tonight we head out to the airport and then on to Fiji. Please pray for the kids - Jesiah and Gwenyth - as they have NOT been happy campers on this trip so far. They've been troopers but there have been a lot of tears and screams. :) Thanks or praying and staying up-to-date! I'll try to do the same! :)

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