Tuesday, October 14, 2008


There's been 2 earthquakes that I've known about and felt since I've been here. One was in September sometime and the other just a few days ago. Vanuatu is right on a plate so gets them constantly. Check out this link for recent ones in the South Pacific. http://earthquake.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Maps/region/S_Pacific.php Vanuatu is at about -15 latitude on this map and about 195 longitude. Saturday evening at about 8:45PM there was an earthquake a few seconds long that shook the metal overhang (like a carport) just below my window, banging it into my bedroom wall. After I moved in here, I checked out where the easiest place would be to break into my apartment. Jumping onto this overhang would allow just a few steps walk to be right at my window so I was convinced that someone had done this. A part of the yard raises up so it's flush with the overhang so it wouldn't take an athletic person to just step from the grass to the overhang. Anyway, I shined my flashlight out but just got reflection off the window. After some personal debate, I went upstairs and woke up Ross and Lyndal (they go to bed early, like I should be doing every night) and asked if they'd help me check it out. They asked if I'd just felt the earthquake so I felt pretty sheepish, telling them that must have been the source of the banging overhang. Ross still was very nice and checked around outside. They were both very sweet about the whole interruption and I was embarrased, but thank goodness for no intruders. :) In looking online, I can't even find the earthquake I felt so I have no idea what the magnitude was, but it was short and not very strong. Houghton and Gretchen didn't even feel it, much like I'm sure there have been lots of other earthquakes here that I haven't felt. If you hear of earthquakes here, don't worry, we're probably ok unless it hits international news!

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Lindsey said...

Do you have to worry about tsunamis?