Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Farewell, my friends

Man, I'm already having to say goodbye's here and I've only lived in Vanuatu 2 months. Pete and Liz, my next door neighbors, head back home to Australia tomorrow. They've served as support staff with SIL for about 1 1/2 years now. Liz has been a great friend and she and Pete are fantastic comic relief within shouting distance across the hall. It's been super fun to get to know them and fellowship with them. We've had lots of conversations in doorways and in the hallway as well as chatting time over tea or food. Liz introduced me to exercise class which has been a fun place to of course get exercise, but also learn to Bislama and make Ni-Vanuatu friends. She and Pete brought me in on their secret favorite dive of a little Chinese take-away place with cheap but good food. They've patiently repeated back the good 20% of everything they say that I can't understand. They've taught me all sorts of weird Aussie phrases and words that I can't remember now but I'm sure I'll need to be able to use appropriately next year. (I know, I know - you guys are going to be indignant that I called Aussie-anything weird but I figure with all the American-bashing, it's only fair to dish it back out on my own blog...) :) It's been real - it's been fun - I will miss you guys! God's grace and wisdom be yours. (Oh, and that'll be $10.00 for the extra publicity given you on my blog... Feel free to wait and pay me when we see you in Sydney in December.) :)

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