Monday, February 22, 2010

Hanging with the Richards

I had some really nice times with the Richards in the months between school and coming back to Vanuatu.  The kids and I had some quality time when Houghton & Gretchen spent a weekend in Sydney.  I've been trying to practice my Bible story-telling skills at random times.  So, we practiced one of the stories I knew from a workshop about Philip and the Ethiopian from Acts 8.  Jesiah loves hearing stories and is pretty good at remembering them and then asking lots of really hard questions about them.  :)  He's a good kid and really interested in God. 

So to go along with our storying, we also made sock puppets and acted out the story.  The goal was to practice the story and be able to share it with Hought and Gretch when they returned.  The kids did great.  Addy held the chariot's horse for us, Jesiah was Philip, Gweny was the angel and held the water for us, and I was the Ethiopian.  They remembered quite a bit to be able to tell the story to their parents.

Several days after H & G returned, we packed up a bunch of camping gear we'd borrowed from friends, and went camping at a place that had come highly recommended to us.  It was at the southern-most tip of Australia way out on a peninsula - a beautiful place called Wilson's Promontory.  Here are some pictures from our 2 days spent there.
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Karisa said...

What a clever, fun aunt you are. Sock puppet Bible stories, for goodness' sake!