Monday, February 22, 2010

More December-y things

The Richards hosted our church's New Year's party at the house they were house-sitting at.  It was really nice fellowship, although everyone did poop out pretty early! I was invited to a nightclub party by some guy at the post office but did decide to turn that invite down....  :)

Because of being done with school, we had a lot more time the last few months in Australia to connect with friends from church too, which was really nice.  It did make it that much harder to leave at the end, but such is the beauty and pain of relationships, isn't it!  Here are our friends John and Joanna on the right here and Emmanuel and Marie Claire, who are just gearing up to be missionaries as well.  We talked them into going to Summer School at Equip to get the basic language and cultural acquisition skills we learned there.  And they hope to head out to Thailand to work with abandoned and orphaned kids next month, Lord-willing!  They have a nice website if you want to check it out at 

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