Sunday, February 21, 2010


I was so fortunate in my months following school to have housing provided by friends from church.  I house-sat for my Lebanese friend, Amira for about a month while she and her daughter family in Lebanon.  She has 3 cats I fed while I was there, 2 of which were around a lot and very friendly.  It was fun to have cats around again.  They were very sweet.  Once she returned, I stayed with a Filipino friend, Joy (also from church).  Houghton & Gretchen were staying there as well and the last few weeks another family of Joy's stayed with us too.  Praise God for His provision of housing for the full time we were in Australia.  I thank God also for the opportunity to learn about several different cultures as a result of the multicultural mix of our church in Melbourne!  What an opportunity to have fellowship with Christians of all different backgrounds.  And they were so generous to us in opening their homes and hearts to us.  Thanks, friends! 

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