Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Boise Idaho, my home sweet home...9 years ago.

I spent the month of October visiting friends and churches in Boise, where I lived from 2000-2007 (before moving to Vanuatu).  I LOVED living there and made great friends, so it was so nice to spend some quality time there again.  I was pretty terrible about taking pictures with people, so if I didn't with you, I'm SO bummed I didn't, and sorry we missed the opportunity!  
 I got to meet Mindy's husband and see their new house.  She and I were accountability partners for years and had all sorts of fun together.
Zach and Mindy.
 Thanks to Suzanne, I got quite a few of great shots of my time at her place!  Greg and Suzanne's girls are Zoe and Sophie and they are pretty special.  We went hiking one day.
 Suzanne, Sophie, Zoe, and I.
 Pumpkin carving!
 Our finished products glowed prettily in their backyard. 
 Kids pose at a Fall festival with friends from Greg and Suzanne's church.  It was so well organized with potluck items, fresh hot cider, all kinds of activities, and a Gospel presentation.
 Gen and I met for coffee.  I worked with her at Greenleaf Friends Academy for a year and a half.
Jack and Allene Tomlinson are friends from church.   In a lot of ways I felt like they were adopted grandparents to me in Boise when I lived there.  Jack's new hobby is making sculptures with jewelry he finds at thrift stores.  He also hooked me up with a ton of fun jewelry!!
Melinda and I.  She took me to Costco so I could pick up some things for Vanuatu!  She and I worked together at Willow Creek Elementary.  I also got to get together with another co-worker from that school, Lynn, and my previous (and best ever!) boss, Marie.  It was very fun catching up.
 I got to hang out with the Hangstefers a few times as well.  (Pictured:  back L to R Jonathan, James, David, Eric.  front Addyson, Rebecca, and Beth).  I met them at church back in the day and we've been good friends ever since.  They even send me snail mail in Vanuatu!

Also while in Boise I was able to get travel immunizations, complete a few dentist visits, and got all my Vanuatu clothes purchasing done.  Aside from all the fun I had catching up with people, I loved soaking in good sermons and being a part of 3 different Bible studies.  Being in the village in Vanuatu means virtually never sitting under good sermons and never being a part of a Bible study or Christian fellowship.  Even being in the US makes it difficult to get good spiritual "feeding" because typically we are on for services, and while it is a ministry we love where we share about what God is doing overseas, it means we aren't getting fed ourselves.  And we are on the road so much it is difficult to commit to any local studies.  So being in one place for 5 whole weeks was a HUGE treat and soaking up God's word and fellowship with Christians was awesome.  For all you dozens and dozens of other people I got to see, I LOVED seeing you and so appreciate you making the time to hang out.  Missing you all already!

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