Tuesday, November 22, 2016

August and September travel and fun

Grace Bible in Miles City had a church picnic at the park and a childhood friend, Katie, was able to come to town to hang out for part of the day.  It was so fun to see her, meet her husband and her 2 kids.  Her baby, Emmanuel just sat and cuddled for ages!  What a great baby!

Next we got to go to Medora, which is a tiny town in western North Dakota.  We went for one day with childhood friends we had gone with to Medora 25 or so years ago.  It was really fun to reconnect and enjoy a day together after so many years.
Lisa and her 3 girls, her parents, my parents, and the Richards.
I thought it would be no contest, but Jesiah totally won.  And notice my bright red face!
 The kids loved these lily pad things in the hotel.
 The Medora Musical.  It's good clean fun entertainment centered around Teddy Roosevelt.

Two roommates from when I was in college at Grace College and Seminary in Indiana live a short hop from each other, so I went out to see them and meet their kids for the first time.  I'd been to their weddings and hadn't seen one since her wedding and the other since before going to Vanuatu the first time.  Angie and I got together first and we had a great time catching up and remembering the impossible days of study.  We also got to enjoy a place I've wanted to see for years - the Creation Museum, and another new exhibit - a replica of the Ark!  If you are considering going to see either the Creation Museum or the Ark, make sure you go!  They are both expensive, but well worth the visit.  We spent probably 6-7 hours going through the Ark and about that again at the CM and that was not even close to enough time.  The kids didn't enjoy either much after the first few hours so if you have kids you want to bring, consider waiting until they are later junior high because both places have a lot of reading in each exhibit and millions of things to pay attention to.  I think next furlough would be just about right for my nieces and nephews! 

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I also got to see Angie and John's parents again, visit their church, go to a church potluck and activity day, and spend some really fun time with her kids.   

From Angie's I went on to see my friend Amber.
I had a great time seeing where her kids attend school and just hanging out with her family.  I really need a picture of her family to add in here but I kept forgetting to take one!  Amber, send me one, will you?  :)

When I DID remember to take pictures of us at churches, I got a few of them here.
Houghton using his lapel mic to amplify the audio Family Story Bible on his phone at 1st Baptist Church in Sheridan, WY.
 Pastor Haidle in Nebraska is a loving and generous person, even when our host, Char, interrupts his service with an unscheduled skit and dressed up ridiculously!  :)
Char and Jeff (another visiting missionary) "singing" a song together.  Char has probably been our most unique host.  When we arrived home one night after a missions conference session, she was hiding in the dark in the bushes and jumped out to scare us!  Thanks for getting our blood running, Char!  :)

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