Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fellowship with friends

Buffalo, Montana, the home of the free and the brave... as well as some of my dear friends from Bible school. Ryan and Jessica and their five lovely children - Abe, Hannah, Joel, Faith, and Jared - allowed me to come visit for a few days. We had lots of fun playing together, talking, laughing, and fellowshipping. Jessica taught me about making meals in a pressure cooker, which is something I'll probably be doing in Vanuatu to save on meager (solar) electricity in the bush. She's also an amazing "from scratch" cook so she's been helpful with recipes, home remedies, and simple living tips. I've joked that God has a sense of humor in sending someone like me, who's never lived that way, to a remote area to minister rather than her. He uses the weak things of the world to confound the wise, that's for sure! And, I get to learn all kinds of new things from great resources and friends who do know about all these areas in which I soon need to soon be an expert.

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