Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Team time with the Kenner's

"Just passing through" seems to be our mantra and our teammates', the Kenner's, mantra this last year! The Kenner family (Jim, Tania, Grace and Josh) is from Forsyth, which is a little town about half an hour from my hometown of Miles City. Because of that, we've been able to see them a few times here and there when we are in Montana. However, several months ago they quit their jobs, sold their house and most of their stuff, and hit the road full-time for deputation. They spent a month or so out in Washington, then on their way out to Ohio, Texas, and Georgia, (those are all on the same way, right??) :) they stopped through Montana and we got to spend several hours catching up. We hung out and chatted and Houghton taught Josh a few stick-fighting moves in the yard while we got eaten by mosquitoes. Great times... hopefully a preview of the times we'll have together in a few short months in Vanuatu! The Kenner's and the Jones' (the family we visited in May in Michigan) hope to join us in Vanuatu the end of September, Lord-willing.

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