Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vacation Bible School

Coalwood is a tiny country church about 60 miles from my hometown of Miles City, Montana. I've been privileged, along with my sister's family, to attend several of their evening services when I'm in town. Houghton preaches out there once a month, if we are in town. Every summer, they put on a week-long Vacation Bible School for kids in the surrounding area at a little country school. The women who put it on develop curriculum, songs, activities, and such. One of the areas of emphasis is missions so this year I got to go share with the kids. We talked about translating the Bible from an unwritten language and about learning language in general. I did a demonstration in Bislama, acting out parts of Genesis 3 for the kids to guess the content. I'm so blessed for the opportunity to encourage the next generation to be involved in God's work around the world.

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