Monday, June 23, 2008

Garage Sale

Ahh, the beauty of getting rid of our own junk... or my case, useful items that aren't so useful in another country. :) We had a garage sale the middle of June to once again weed out some items that we won't be taking to Vanuatu. I was able to unpack all my boxes I brought to Montana (when I moved here last June), go back through them and repack everything I'm keeping for sure in tupperware tubs. Everything I'll be bringing to Vanuatu long-term is being stored here in town for the next two years. Not using my stuff the last year gave me a bit more detachment so I was able to part with more, which was nice! Houghton and Gretchen used the opportunity to fully move out of the home they've rented in Miles City and sell almost everything in their backyard. They stayed a week or so at my parents' and now are staying with Houghton's parents in Terry, Montana until we leave for Vanuatu next month. We hope to use the sale money to buy tools for use in building our bush houses in Vanuatu several years from now.

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